About Mikser House

MIKSER is a multidisciplinary platform which centers around the affirmation of cultural industry of the Balkans and the organization of the biggest regional festival of creative arts. MIKSER gathers together professionals and enthusiasts who, through their different transcultural projects, support the development of national and regional creative economy, and who facilitate a dialogue between contemporary global trends and domestic, as well as regional practice. MIKSER’s philosophy is based on the nurture of young talents, not only from the sphere of design, but also from various other creative disciplines. With the creation of its own, unique platform for interaction between designers, architects, artists, companies, independent organisations, public institutions and the media, the Mikser organisation has set-up and now manages its own festival of creative industry, simply known as MIKSER.

After five years in Savamala, with Mikser House having over a million visitors, hosting 1500 concerts, festivals, theatre plays, exhibitions, tributes, trade show, and fairs, the first phase of their work is finished and they are starting an initiative to move to Dorćol. The global recognition of Mikser House has left a positive impact on the urban revitalization of Savamala, with the numerous of reports from here as well as international media, receiving titles of being in the top ten nicest spaces in the entire world resulting in a quality programs and fulfillment that Mikser House grants to its visitors. Working intensively on developing a network with friends from all across the region, creative team developed an operation leading to the expansion of opening a Mikser House in Sarajevo. While the search for a new location in Belgrade is still ongoing, we look forward to the new challenges that lie ahead and the dispersion of the spirit and energy that our creative team carries.