Mikser Festival 2016

The eighth Mikser Festival, the largest regional festival of creativity and innovation, will be held for the fifth time in the Savamala neighborhood of Belgrade, from 8 – 12 June 2016 at more than 40 locations with the participation of some 1,000 creators. This year’s Mikser Festival comes under the slogan “Sensitive Society”, and will be characterized by themes of gender equality and female creativity, social equality, open dialogue, multiculturalism and more efficient conflict resolution.

The focus of this year’s Mikser Festival is threefold. In the spotlight, under the umbrella of topics of “sensitive society,“ are female creativity and gender equality, as well as the refugee crisis and possible directions for integration into European society, and, lastly, the opening of a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Relying on these three foci, Mikser Festival aims to explore the social concepts with which citizens and creative professionals can influence current social processes to improve the quality of everyday life, open the way for more direct cooperation with sensitive and vulnerable groups, and promote humane values, empathy and love.



Ivan Lalić / Executive Director

Maja Lalić / Creative Director

Tatjana Gostiljac / Legal & Consulting

Miša Rašković / Corporate Fundraising

Milica Davidović / Institutional Fundraising

Snežana Ćuruvija / Program Director


Jelena Matić / Young Balkan Designers

Ivan Kucina / Mikser Talks: Sensitive City

Maja Lalić / Mikser Talks: Sensitve City / Womenal / Balkan Design Expo

Ana Dragić / Visual Arts / Performances

Marko Lađušić / Black Box

Mirjana Mićović / Mikser Kids MIKSER

Nikola Božić, Petnica / Edu Zone

Ivan Lalić / Mikser Music

Marko Milojević / Mikser Music

Cinema City / Kino Mikser

Miloš Kuzmanović / Mikser bazar

Ana Čarapina / program assistant and hosting


MARSH Creative Production Team:

Maja Maršićević

Marko Maršićević

Anja Jeremić

Katarina Radovanović

Ivana Hibner

Rastko Petrović

Milica Jovanović

Andrijana Zukić

Aleksandra Arsenijević

Milan Zarić

Goran Tucović

MIKSER HOUSE Production Team:

Anja Aranđelović / Producer

Oleg Misirača / Producer

Stefan Todorović / Producer


Ivana Zarić / PR Manager & Social Media

Maja Cvetković / PR Manager

Katarina Ivakić / PR

Marija Piroški / Photography


Natalia Zwick / Graphic Design

Jovan Pavlović / Graphic Design


Milan Adnađ / MH Manager

Milica Joksić / MH Bar Manager

Saša Petrović / Staff Manager

Vladan Lukić / Staff Manager

Vukašin Radinović / Staff Manager

Nenad Petrović / Staff Manager

Ana Vuletić / Mikser House Balkan Design Shop


Tajana Zadravec / Project Manager

Marija Laganin / PR Manager

Albert Grain / Volunteer Manager


Vojkan Gostiljac / Director of Photography

Dina Vuković / Journalist – editor

Maja Cvetković and Katarina Ivakić  / Journalists

Petar Vujanić/ Camera

Ivan Grujić / Camera

Nenad Radmilac / Camera

Damjan Popadic / Camera

Marko Tisovac / Editing

Dušan Ristić / Editing

Zoran Karajlović / Sound


Đorđe Grujičić / Web Designer


Saša Rangelov