Dragoljub Petrović – Media and Green politics

Dragoljub Draza Petrovic is the editor-in-chief with the Belgrade daily Danas. He was born on December 6, 1970, in Belgrade.

He started working as a journalist in Borba in 1994. With the editorial board of the paper, he refused to obey the new regime leadership of Borba and moved to the newly established Naša Borba. He is a co-winner of the Stanislav Staša Marinković Award in 1997 together with journalist Tanja Jakobi. From 1997 to 2006, he was a regular contributor to the independent TV production VIN (Video Weekly), for which he wrote about a hundred TV articles. He moved from Naša Borba in 1998 to Glas nedelje.

Since 1999, he has been a journalist for Glas javnosti, where he worked as a reporter, report editor, and columnist. Since December 2004, he’s been writing the column Important Things in Glas, which in March 2005 was renamed to Waiting for Closing-time.

Since January 2006, he has also become a regular columnist for the tabloid Kurir, for which he wrote the weekly column Serbia to Tokyo. Since June 2009, he has been working for the daily Danas, where he writes the column “Chewing Gum in the Ashtray”. In the traditional New Year’s poll of Status magazine, in which more than 100 journalists and editors participated, he was named the best journalist of 2010.

He received the Stanislav Stasa Marinkovic Award for the second time on June 9, 2011. He won the “Dragisa Kashikovic” award and the “Desimir Tosic” award for 2013. Winner of the award of the Association of Journalists of Serbia “Laza Kostić” in the category of newspaper satire for 2016. He became editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Danas” in March 2016. With Voja Žanetić and Dragoljub Mićko Ljubičić, he is the co-author of the satirical show PLJIŽ, which began broadcasting in April 2018 on N1 Television. The show PLJiŽ has been broadcast on Nova S. Television since May 2020.