Urban modular by MELEEM – Macedonia

Author Bio:
MELEEM is a collective based in Skopje that tends to identify, mention and remember important places and public spaces in the city that are forgotten by the citizens. It was founded in 2013. Author 1: Sara Simoska is a young architect, born in Skopje 1992. She gained a master’s degree with excellent cum lode rating at University Politecnico di Milano in 2016. Her master thesis “Skopje Reckless” was selected number 7 [top 10] out of 337 ideas from 594 Authors at Future Architecture platform 2017, and also was published on Koozarch. She currently lives and works in Skopje, mainly on urban interventions with MELEEM. Author 2: Maja Lozanoska is born in Skopje, 1991. She graduated at Faculty of Economics at University Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje in 2014. She co-founded MELEEM in 2013 and works on organizing public lectures and art installations. Additionally, she works as a Marketing and communication manager at the online educational platform Xplorify. Author 3: Ilina Cvetkova was born 1993 in Skopje. Currently she is a student in master studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. She participated in several workshops and competitions in Skopje, Sofia, Oslo, Ljubljana,… She won the photography competition “Photography in Wes Anderson style” in Skopje and had individual photography exhibitions in the gallery NUK in Ljubljana in 2016.

Urban modular

Today’s society is characterized by fast-changing, non permanent and modifying lifestyle. In response, the cities ask for subtle, adaptable, unfinished and people participative design. Placed on top of an already present concrete foundation, the installation adapts to the actual situation at the selected location and has an environmentally sustainable character. The modular elements, which constitute the installation, follow the form of the concrete tub and create a crowd attracting angle. The holes and the bumps in the modular net construct a dynamic look of the installation and create just one of many various possible arrangements. The installation rejects the limit of the standard usage of public equipment and aims to free people in making up their own usage of the modules set in order to make themselves comfortable. Multi level seating options and good sun orientation create a perfect atmosphere for sunbathing, reading a book or just having a lunch or a quick nap. The project is in the PROCESS of drafting in a local wood carpentry and it is about to be placed in Tetovo in May 2017. 

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