We dedicate Design program to explorations of possible scenarios of the FUTURE OF BALKAN DESIGN and  its  social impact on the communities across the region. Due to the fact that individual countries’ national policies on design, as a consequence of historical discontinuity and current unstable political situations, are either non-existent or quite far from understanding and establishing design as a relevant strategic shaping tool of other aspects of our societies’ realities, it seems that regional initiatives such as the Balkan Design Network, which gather members from cultural, creative, economic, educational and many other sectors with which design intersects, are needed.

Located in the main festival location – Mikser House, Mikser Festival’s Design hub offers an insight into the achievements of the leading Balkan design manufacturers and provides an overview of the the most promising design talents in the Balkan.  Afternoon presentations by the leading Balkan manufactures are an opportunity for young designers to get closer to the source of possible professional engagement. Evening cocktail sessions of Balkan Design Expo connect the world of product design with interior designers, architecture and media.

Balkan Design Network, led by Croatian Designers Association, Mikser Association and Public Room from Skopje, gathers relevant experts from design area, representatives of leading regional organisations and institutions around the design hub at Mikser Festival, featuring Balkan Design Expo, Young Balkan Designers 2016 exhibition, exhibition of YBD 2015 residency results, and Womenal Design program of lectures and debates.

Special attention  is given to YBD 2015 Residency Program which was a breaking point in establishing intense collaborations of nine participants of the Young Balkan Designers 2015 edition with production industries in Croatia (Prostoria, Regeneracija, Spin Valis), Macedonia (Dizajn DN, Urum, We and Nature) and Serbia (GIR, Metalac).

As a contribution to Womenal! program of the festival dedicated to creativity and activism of female designers, we are proud to host two ladies from the global design arena – Matali Crasset and Dejana Kabiljo.

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