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The search for sustainable and circular design is a search for long-term solutions for our planet. When we think about waste we produce, often we focus on the end of a product’s lifecycle, its new use or recycling. However, what if we look at the situation from another angle? If we design the product in a new way at the very beginning of the process? If we design it in a circular way?

Strongly anchored in its 10-year long design tradition, Mikser Festival 2019 directs special attention to the search for a new generation of designers who are ready to surpass their role models, to research and redefine everything we know about design today. In this way, they can pave the way for a circular way of thinking, looking beyond one lifecycle of a product that will be used by one consumer only, developing solutions that allow for multiple use and multiple users and designing products, concepts and services as preconditions for the future of our planet. From kids programs, to speakers at the conference and the 10th anniversary of the Young Balkan Designers platform, this year’s program is full of innovative design in the service of a better future.