Human migration became incredibly visible recently due to the latest refugee crisis, where war- instigated movement of people across the entire continent became an inevitable part of daily life in the majority of European cities. Information technology has become one of the most important tools in reacting to many social challenges.

Challenges arising from human mobility together with the digital revolution and travelling technologies can be transformed to help citizens and newcomers to transform the „crisis“ into „opportunities“ in the field of social integration and education and implement new forms of social and creative entrepreneurship.

Under this year’s main theme of Mikser Festival “MIGRATION“ through a variety of debates and exhibitions from non-governmental organizations visitors will be able to witness a unique view of the present forced migration, meet with the refugees and see a cycle of documentary films, where professionals, refugees and the local community will join together in discussing the causes and effects of forced migration, with the goal of spreading comprehension to the wider audience about the challenges we face with the influx of refugees and migrants.

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