Kino Mikser

spanska kuca

Mikser Festival’s film program, under the editorship of Cinema City film festival, consists of several powerful, emotional and socially engaged films that conceptually fit into the theme of Mikser festival: Sensitive Society.

The first three days of the festival will present films that deal with themes of refugees, their integration into European society and humanization of the refugee crisis, while in the last two days, the film program will focus on the power of the female principle by promoting the imperatives of gender equality and elimination of inhumane boundaries with which individuals face daily because of gender, age, racial, ethnic, sexual, religious or cultural differences and preferences.

The aim of the program is to promote human values, compassion, love, the importance of caring for each individual, to raise awareness about the urgent need to respect diversity, fostering social conditions of equality, open and constructive dialogue and multiculturalism.


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