Mikser Talks

Mikser Festival continues its urban explorations of neglected neighborhoods and forgotten postwar industrial architecture, casting light to their cultural values. Mikser Festival 2017 will once more demonstrate how industrial heritage becomes an agent of urban change, infused with social innovation, creative and social entrepreneurship, vitally connected with its natural environment and local community. We will gather visionaries, professionals, enthusiasts, theorist, activists and doers in all above disciplines to learn, work, play, exchange, debate, show, make, build, and answer many important open topics.

Mikser Talks program gathers more than 30 progressive international and local experts from the field of urban design, architecture, design, social sciences, information technologies, communications and other creative disciplines. Mikser Talks sessions attract both professional audience and general public which actively participate in debates and Q&A sessions, while young local talents take part in workshops and master classes with prestigious festival lecturers. We will search for answers to questions of our time: What is the role of information technology in social challenges? What are the innovative sustainability models for the new generation of Culture and Community centers? How to raise new generation of city experts and citizens?

Nordeus talks will give us the insight on latest trends in creative and IT industry related to Gaming, Designing UI&UX and VFX. Beside Digital Arts Expo powered by Nordeus where you can see showcases of numerous companies, in Nordeus talks you will hear leaders of succesfull companies that is buliding IT market in Serbia and worldwide.

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