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Five days, two stages and dozens of performers will mark the music program of this year’s Mikser Festival.

Main, BalkanMala stage at Depo Magacin (3 Travnička Street), hosts regional musicians  that have significantly contributed to defining of the Balkan sound, such as Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Esma Redzepova, Bozo Vrećo, Boban Markovic Orchestra, Bora Dugić and many others .

In addition to the main stage, musical program of Mikser Festival 2016 will take place in the open, on Womenal stage in Brace Krsmanovic street. Womenal stage is dedicated to mainly female creativity in music and will host some of the best musicians in the region, coming from various genres such as rock, punk and pop, soul and jazz, rap and dub sound. All outdoor concerts are free.

Tickets for the musical program on BalkanMala stage are available at Gigs Tix selling points. One-day tickets  price is 110/1300 dinars, and 1300/1500 dinars on the concert day. Five-day ticket is 3900 dinars.


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