Sensitive City


Sensitive City  is an advanced think-tank for knowledge exchange on the innovative models for social, cultural and economic integration of refugees. It is following Mikser’s humanitarian initiative Refugee Aid Miksalište that was established last summer as an emergent and unsolicited respond to sudden influx of refugees in Savamala neighborhood, were Mikser House is settled since 2012. Refugee Aid  Miksalište offered a welcome point for refugees coming through Belgrade. In addition to providing food, hygienic and clothing aid, it also encouraged them to join us for a tea or coffee, prepare meals together, access WIFI and charge phones, as well as seek medical assistance or a child-friendly space. Miksalište also receive and manage donations which are either distributed directly or transported to the border points when needed. Month ago  Refugee Aid Miksalište was demolished by the city authorities due to capital Belgrade Waterfront development. Although expected, this brutal act strengthen our original intention to evolve from basic humanitarian aids toward an integration agency.  Recently we found abandoned barracks in Savamala neighborhood that could serve as place for establishing new Multicultural Integration Center.  It will serve refugees and local organizations seeking together for innovative models of social and economic sustainability and justice. We hope that this Center will become a part of an international network of cultural organizations willing to learn from the experiences of the current crisis and contribute in creating brighter perspective. Under the tagline “Sensitive City”, we gather activists, architects, urban designers, artists, social workers and humanitarians to share their experience in working towards integration of sensitive groups into society. By the end of the fesstival each presentation will be summarized into a serial of thesis for programming our future Multicultural Integration Center Miksalište 2.0, in Savamala.


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