Visual Arts & Performances


Under the slogan “Sensitive Society”, art program of Mikser Festival 2016 gathers engaged authors in the field of visual and performing arts from Serbia and abroad. The focus is not only on the art that makes critical comments on  the established social order, but even more on it’s active, participative role in re-defining narratives and criteria which foster discrimination over integration. The program includes exhibitions from the field of architecture, design, photography, street art, applied arts, contemporary dance, as well as performances, theatre shows and video screenings that raise awareness and deepens one’s understanding of many actual phenomena, especially the notion of borders.

In the Visual Arts selection, the program includes collective exhibition of hundreds of young authors Black Box: erasing the past, exhibition of architecture of new European borders Body & Border, exhibition retrospective of female contribution in architecture Circle of hers,  exhibition of photography of  trans * people  portraits Job without identity, posters of graphic design students of the University College of Fine and Applied arts / National Geographic Serbia The planet is my home, exhibition of photographs of graffiti and murals of Belgrade street artists inspired by the fiction of Mark Jobst / recorded by lens of  Mary Kalabić  Unidentified emotional object,  exhibition by architect Jug Cerović In border we trust, exhibition of  contemporary dance photographs Ballet  miniature greats, exhibition of photo-portraits from the every day life Women of Dnopolje and  video projection of the works of famous  video artists  from the archives of VIDEOMEDEJA  What art can do?.

In performing arts selection, young Bosnian artist Selma Selman presents 2 performances You have no Idea and I will laugh (premiere), while Mexican artist  Alejandro Chellet engages in durational performance The house that shines  in the streets of Savamala. Critically acclaimed Greek theatre  Notebooks of Crisis, Volume II takes place on the last day of the festival.

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