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In 2016.we marked 70 years of the first CARE humanitarian package in World War II.

In 2016. another war was raging, and it drove women, children, elderly, disadvantaged, unfortunate people to start a journey, which took them through the Balkans where they received CARE humanitarian package. CARE International delivered over 150 000 packages with food, water, hygiene items but also with hope that one day everything would be all right.

Photo exhibition within Mikser Festival shows fear and hope, powerlessness and comfort, borders and freedom.

Besides the photo exhibition, CARE presents digital stories of women we met on the migration road but also stories of women provided help and support to them. Halima, Mina, Shoghig, Kathira and Atka will tell stories not only about war and migration but also about the hardships they escaped from. Jelena, Danijela, Naja and Vanja will tell their stories about the impressions from their work with migrants. You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and impressions with our associates, volunteers of Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre, directly involved in the work with migrants from the very beginning.

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