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Debate: Education on the move


This debate will address crucial issues facing education today that are challenging the way refugee children have access to it. Education should be one of the basic needs, not luxuries for children. Many of them are facing interruption of schooling or they never even had the opportunity. According to UNHCR, refugee children are five times more likely to be out of school. Refugees trapped in forced displacement for such long periods of time find themselves in a state of limbo. However, there are some great initiatives that can adapt to the situation of a child who is changing locations more often.

What is the role of new technology in education during the refugee crisis?

What are innovative approaches to the refugee children who haven’t had access to schooling for years?


Ljiljana Došen, Save the children, Education Manager
Maja Simić, SOS Children’s Villages Serbia
Ivona Gvozdenović, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation
Nebojša Ratković, Wikimedia
Dobrivoje Lale Erić, Center for the promotion of science
Katarina Popović, Techfugees and LAAB (Link Media Art Lab)

Moderator: Tajana Zadravec, Miksalište

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Mikser Talks
17:00 - 18:00 H