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Debate: Refugees and Migrants in Serbia: What next?


Mikser Festival’ topic “Migration” reflects on dramatically apparent phenomenon of “refugee crisis” which hit Serbia in the last two years becaming one of the key countries on the Balkan route with more than one million people in transit to western Europe. With increasing retention of people from the Middle East in Serbia, we want to cast new light on the “crisis” and look at it from different angles, as an opportunity for development of multiculturalism, respect for diversity, the chance to revisit how we treat members of sensitive  groups within our society, creating conditions for those who lost everything to start a new life in Serbia. The challenges arising from human mobility, together with the digital revolution and traveling technologies, can be transformed from “crisis” into “opportunities”, especially in the areas of social integration and education, but also new forms of social and creative entrepreneurship, which can be beneficial both for local citizens and newcomers. Through a series of debates, meetings with refugees, cyclec of documentary films, workshops and exhibitions by non-governmental organizations that reveal a new angle of looking at the current forced migration – professionals, refugees and local people will join in discussions with a goal of broadening understanding of the challenges faced by people in movement.


Nenad Ivanišević, State Secretary for International Cooperation, Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Policy of Serbia. 
John Andrew Young, UNHCR Serbia
Ana Koeshall, Ana i Vlade Divac Foundation
Dino Mujanović, CRS
Sonja Tošković, Belgrade Center for Human Rights
Ivan Lalić, Refugee Aid Miksalište
Aida Kurić, USAID
EU Delegation representative

Photo: D.Villasana

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Mikser Talks
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