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Documentary film program: Imaginary geography


In collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes and its contemporary film festival “Spanish meter”, we present you the documentary film program “Imaginary geography”.

Film program “Imaginary geography” is made of documentaries selected by David Varela (Docma – Asociación de cine documental) and portraits a migration throughout different epochs and different meridians. Whether they record cases or intimate confessions from the past and present, these movies, with each and every meter of film strips, investigate the reasons that lead to people’s migrations; question the fate of the people who are struggling to make one more step towards a new day; review the relations established between the locals and the newcomers.

Even though migrations have been an integral part of our history, it seems that we were pretty surprised when they became the part of our everyday lives. Twenty-first century has shocked us with the tragic fate of the people who were forced to leave their homes and passed kilometres long journey in order to find a place where they can start a new, better life.

Movies that Varela has chosen skilfully play on the line between the harsh everyday life that remains behind and the uncertain fate of the new, waiting outside. Although they are connected by the Spanish borders, these stores go far beyond the framework of just one country, demonstrating that the problems of our friends on the other side of the planet are and always will be the problems of all of us.

Movie Timetable: 

May 25th , in loop from 5 PM to midnight
Notes on emigration
Far from home
May 26th, in loop from 5PM to midnight
May 27th , in loop from noon to midnight
Tarajal: dismantling the impunity of the southern border 
May 28th , in loop from noon to midnight
Border Journals
Diary of hunger


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