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Environmental protection and innovation help to create new business and employment opportunities, which in turn stimulates further investment. Green growth is at the heart of the EU policy to ensure the environmental sustainability of Europe’s economic growth. The EU also plays a key role in promoting sustainable development at the global level.

#EUzaTEBE will be presenting two prototypes financed by the European Union through the Horizon 2020 programme, the biggest Research and Innovation programme ever. A programme worht 80 billlion euros aimed at reinforcing Europe’s excellence in Research and Innovation; 60% of the programme’s budget concerns sustainable development.

Odo Ride rickshaw is a mobility service for passenger transport for smart cities of the future, where overcoming space shortage, air and noise pollution and obsolete transport solutions pose the greatest of challenges. Odo bike is a light, smart, beautifully designed vehicle, and its compact size, electric drive, solar panel and smart system makes it a perfect means of urban transportation.

The EU is counting on Serbia to overcome challenges of fighting climate change and shifting towards a sustainable economy. Horizon 2020 is open to Serbian researchers, universities, companies and entrepreneurs, like any other European entities.

Odo Ride rickshaw is a result of a call for innovation to fight climate change, and it is a Serbian entrepreneur who won it!

With over 8 billion euros in grants and loans in the past 12 years, the EU has been offering opportunities to support Serbian innovators, enetrepreneurs, SMEs, students, agriculture, artists, etc.

With EU’s assistance, Odo ride rickshaw is designed and built in Serbia. Now it is ready to enter markets in Europe and beyond!

#Euzatebe will also present the EU-supported project Ono bikes. The company Ono Bikes is an independent custom e-bike and bicycle manufacturer. Their bikes are a sustainable means of urban personal transport, sufficient for most people. Also, they are very stylish.

The EU is the leader in environmental protection and shifting towards sustainable economy. The EU has set for itslef a clear objective to guide the European environment policy until 2020 and to promote its vision beyond 2020. These goals, supported by dedicated research programmes, legislation and funding, are as follows: to conserve and enhance the EU’s natural capital; to turn the EU into a resource-efficient, green, and competitive low-carbon economy; to safeguard EU citizens from environment-related pressures and risks to health and wellbeing.