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Ex – Yu Vinyl Diggers Convention


Current research shows the new worldwide trend, that is the increase in sales of vinyl as a sound carrier and records as a medium through which people listen to the music. Latest data indicate the rise of selling vinyl in 2014. up to 52% comparing to 2013., and also shows the highest sell rate of records since 1992.

One of the factors that had an effect on return of the vinyl is that there is a great number of DJs that in their sets play the music exclusively on gramophones and records. Especially because there is a great deal of music that has been issued only on records and there is no other media that include some of these melodies. People that are named ‘’diggers’’ got their name as they literally dig those rarities on various trade fairs, garage sales, record stores, clearance sales, flea markets, basements and etc., and they are the ones who are entitled to this label. In the former Yugoslavia there is a great number of DJs that use gramophones in their work and they have created their own network throughout the last ten years, so that they can exchange those rarities, experiences and new discoveries on vinyl. They also cooperate in a way that gives them the chance to perform in each other’s cities and clubs where they work, all the way from Ljubljana to Skopje.

However, beside the apparent and huge potential, so far there have been no gatherings and conventions of all these people in one place. “Ex – Yu Vinyl Diggers Convention” at Mikser Festival aims to do so…

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22:30 - 01:00 H