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Red Bull Doodle Art is recently successfully completed. During the project, we received over 3,000 scribbles of which the audience chose 20 finalists, and jury announced the top 3 and winner of the competition – Irena Zivanovic, who will represent Serbia at the World Finals!

Red Bull Doodle Art is a global project that involves more than 40 countries worldwide. All students from these countries were eligible to sign to one and the only only scribbling competition in the world! It is well known that students are inherent to doodle continually – in lectures, while studying, in hobby … And through doodle, many know how to express their hidden artistic talent. Thus, during the first stage of the competition, the audience voted 20 best scribbles of more than 3,000 how much is received during the application phase, a jury announced the top 3 of and the winner! In the next stage of the competition, national winners will gather at the Global Gallery and revive their winning scribblings in 3D virtual reality!
While we wait impatiently destination of Global VR Gallery and events that will follow it, the audience at Mikser Festival will have the opportunity to see the best works in the exhibition that will be set up at the festival.

The new-old location for Mikser festival this year is Donji Dorćol and Žitomlin. Experiencing its ninth edition this year, four major themes that the festival covers MIGRATION, EDUCATION IN THE MOVE, ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY, CULTURE FACTORIES. During the festival from 25 to 28 May you will have the opportunity to enjoy diverse artistic and musical program, including the exhibition of works by Red Bull Doodle Art’s that we have prepared.
This time, the works will hang in space, but will be in line with the sky on a specially designed platform and will be seen from the perspective of lazy bag. We invite you to socialize with the finalists, to draw and enjoy the view of the Danube.
See you in ŽITOMLIN!

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