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Installation: The Ulysses syndrome / Slow Walk

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In collaboration with the Institute Cervantes we are presenting two artists from Spain inspired by migration: Martha Serna and Almudena Rodriguez . This program is organized by: Contemporánea (Spain), Institute Cervantes (Belgrade) and Mikser Festival with the support of the Embassy of Spain.


The Ulysses syndrome (Immigrant Syndrome of Chronic and Multiple Stress) – Almudena Rodríguez

The project was inspired by interviews that a group of medical anthropologists had with immigrants coming from Libya to the Italian island Lampedusa. Similar conversations, the author leads with Mexican immigrants living in the US illegally and without papers, among which she lives as an immigrant with papers. Almudena explores their relationship to space, the one they are leaving, the one through which they pass, they long for, and where they are arriving, as well as their relations with others – a relationships full of tolerance and hostility. Based on these interviews and the answers you give, the author makes a mural on the big screen resistant to water, such as tarpaulins covering the trucks (in which illegal immigrants are often transported) or the ones that tents are made of, like those in the centers where refugees are stationed, thus symbolizing the journey, and a coat – protection from wind, winter and hiding.
Her intention is to globalize the problem of immigration, to share resources and structure analysis and establish the essential intercultural dialogue. In this way she will increase the visibility of the migrants experiences, regardless of their country of origin, temporary or final destination. Her work represents a personal reflection on the phenomena of integration and nomadism, identity and the different stages of the journey (departure, arrival, loss, search, encounter, adaptation, loneliness, desolation …).

Slow Walk – Marta Serna

Slow Walk is project consisted of black and white ink drawings, transferred on other self adhesive materials that show persons or group of people in natural size in different situations: running, displacing, in persecution, leaving, etc. Anonymous or famous people, with different backgrounds and social surroundings, religions, ideologies, sexes. For all, the main goal is leaving.
The exhibition is followed with a workshop, in which participants will create new drawings, that will include specific phrases or thoughts, adjoined with their personal objects, brought or made by them, and that they are ready to loose or present to the audience. The objects that they would like to put in a time capsule, together with drawings. Through workshop, they will face their loses and other people loses.


About the artists:

Almudena Rodríguez
1969, Spain. Lives and works in Dallas, USA.
Painter. She has spent long periods in Mexico, her work has a great influence of Mexican iconography. Through recycling and fragmentation she analyses looking forward for connections between objects that appear intentionally distant, in this way she appropriates of images that she recycles through messages that circulate in the area of communication within a context bound to simultaneous information channels. Her work has been shown throughout Spain, Portugal, Mexico, USA and in contemporary art fairs ARCO and Art Miami.
B.F.A. Fine Arts. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain. Attendance at lithography workshops with artist Don Herbert in Arteleku, San Sebastián, and with artist DaríoVillalba at the Círculo de BellasArtes, Madrid, Spain. From 2001 to 2004 she lived and worked in Mexico City. Currently she resides and work in Dallas, USA.

Marta Serna
Visual artist. Graduated from Complutense University of Madrid (1993) with a degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Painting. She also studied Classical Dance at the Royal College of London, Spanish Dance at the Royal Conservatory of Córdoba and Oriental Dance. She has created stage sets for films, theatre and television, and has taken part with different dance companies, workshops and performances, including Contemporary Stage.
As a visual artist she is concentrated on drawings and illustration, traditional animation video, murals, installations in vinyl and plastics sculptures. She likes drawing dysfunctional characters without scene and checking the roles of power on childhood. The mission on her work is to reflect on human, animal, spiritual and artificial natures and on the ritual of compensation we have to do to adapt ourselves to the surrounding environment.
Marta Serna’s current work is driven by her interest in the chaotic states of the mind, dreams, lethargy, myths, the boundary between reality and fiction, the subconscious and their influence on human behaviour using big sizes on drawings in this new stage.
She has shown her work in Spain, U.K, France, Germany, Bulgary, Yugoslavia, Lebannon, Jordan, Algeria Mexico and USA.
Now she is currently working with Asm28 Gallery in Madrid and Espacio Marzana Gallery in Bilbao, Spain.

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