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Interactive LAAB exhibition: Čudna šuma (Strange forest)


In the LAAB interactive exhibition, a group of students from ALUM and IT Academy worked on the exploring the possibilities of interface through mobile and computers. Čudna šuma (Strange forest) is a spaces that reacts to the visitor as an ecosystem reacts to a human…but a human today doesn’t even notice that. We install technology into concrete ground, whether it is actively-apathetic and consciously-unconscious. Through the experience of going back to a mythical time of unity and human habitat. In space filled with deprived emotions and experiences of the modern cities and relations, the nature of magic is the migration from its original conditions where there is a wish for peace and stability for the human spirit. Artwork then becomes a part of these neo-organ migration. Nature resides in relaxing, fear, ecstasy. A strange noise is a kind of temple where the only to be-nature.

LAAB is the first media arts laboratory in this area that explored combination of art, technology and media through the scene, products, and innovation. The project is a part of Academy of Fine Arts and Media in Belgrade.


In the context of interactive exhibitions of Strange Forest, on the last day of Mikser Festival there will be a workshop on live coding with the New Media artitist Stanislav Drca. We invite all designers, programmers, musicians, and visual artists to come and join us in this live creation of new visuals and interactions to be displayed on the last night of the festival at 2pm in the Strange Forest room. Bring your computers and instruments! 🙂

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