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Jelena Pavlović – FACE ME!

The concept of the monument of the future was presented in the form of a documentary-experimental film entitled “Face me! / Face me! ”. Through the aspects of perceiving cultural identity, but also facing a person, both with personal characteristics and with monumental culture, face to face, the monument of the future is defined. The title of the film “Monuments should not be trusted” by Dušan Makavejev gives part of inspiration, and, relying on the emotion it can evoke and awaken, the monument of the future will provoke different reactions and provoke action. The monument of the future, in that sense, asks the following questions. What emotions can I awaken in you? What am I asking of you? What is memory for you, and what is oblivion? How much do you respect me? What am I challenging in you? Do you feel pride or shame when we look at each other? Through the artistic and historical component, the monument of the future confronts the face of a man with the face of the monument. Dealing with monuments is a mirror of one’s own identity, and thus it is reflected in the collective reflection in society and in the (I’m)possibility of change and the desire for it and the struggle. The weakness and weakness of the small find a personal equivalent in the big, both positive and negative, and such a confrontation with the monumental expresses its original organic nature and encourages it to awaken. The monument of the future is presented as an anti-monument whose task is on the one hand to warn, identify, calm, disturb, provoke reaction and stop lethargy, point out the true values ​​and re-examine reality and current circumstances. The film examines parts of SFRY monumental culture and includes the cities of Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia – Belgrade, Zagreb, Podgorica and Ljubljana. The names of the monuments are given in the closing credits of the film.