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Lecture by Hemofarm Foundation: The most important call of a life


At the upcoming Mikser Festival Hemofarm Foundation will give a lecture on the topic of organ donation and transplantation “The most important call of a life”. The lecture is scheduled for Saturday, May 27, starting at 6 PM in the program Mikser Talks.

In Serbia, about a thousand people are waiting, many of them for years, the most important call of their life, when they will let them know that the organ transplant is found. The aim of the campaign “The most important call of a life” is to raise awareness of the organ donation importance and to create a national consensus on the need to adopt a new law on transplantation, for raising awareness about the importance of donation in the number of transplants rises in Serbia.

Attendees will be addressed by:

  • Ivan Lalic, director of the Mikser Festival
  • Sanda Savić, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications of Hemofarm
  • Emilia Nestorović, Head of the Department of intensive care for heart transplant Clinical Center of Serbia
  • Sanja Bojić, patient awaiting transplantation
  • Dragan Bjelogrlić, actor

The lecture will be followed by signing donor cards. On this occasion one part of the Misker team will sign donor cards along with the director of Mikser Festival Ivan Lalic and creative director Maja Lalic.

The signing of donor cards will take place at the information desk of Hemofarm Foundation at Mikser festival. During the signing of donor cards, for interested visitors of the festival, a physician from the Department of Biomedicine will be available on Saturday 27 May and Sunday 28 May from 4PM to 8PM.

Hemofarm Foundation since it was founded in 1993, takes care of people’s health, promote and encourage personal responsibility for their own health, developing a sense of humanity and solidarity with other people and affecting positive change in society. Hemofarm Foundation invests in programs dealing with health, education and culture and creates partnerships that bring sustainable improvements in the community. The work of Hemofarm Foundation is an expression of social responsibility of the company Hemofarm and the people who work there.

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