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Macedonian design touring exhibition: IN BETWEEN

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The new design exhibition of Macedonian emerging designers and brands presents the recent achievements in the domain of product design that are “in between” – ranging from a prototype to positioning of a small series on the market.

“In Between” includes emerging and active designers who are intensively focused on use of nearby available materials and technologies, because that is the only way to succeed with their brands in the environment such as the Macedonian market as well as the region.

Brands and products

  1. Tamara Georgievska studio – products in series: solid wood tables with innovative legs that can stabilize the table regardless the floor and one piece of solid wood side table or chair,
  2. Rinocca studio – products in series: solid wood floor lamps,
  3. Kire Stojoski – a product designer: first prototype of wood and metal chair,
  4. Preplet Studio – products in series where graphic design is applied to mugs, notebooks. etc.,
  5. Marija Raskovik,  a product designer: first prototype  of a wooden lamp,
  6. Evgenija Zafirovska, a fashion designer: new collection of female garments.

The design exhibition “In Between” is developed and toured by Public Room – Design Centre and it is supported by Macedonian Ministry of Culture.

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