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Daily, seasonal and refugee migrations are extremes of present-day, all abounded with technological challenges. Everyday commuting and transportation, intense tourist influx, ecological, economic and war-instigated movement of people across the entire continent became inevitable parts of daily life in majority of European cities.

Human mobility has changed profoundly since the onset of globalization, with the digital revolution and travelling technologies making it cheaper and easier to connect distant places and to travel between them. The way that people move around the world has also changed, allowing more frequent mobility of differing duration, rather than the more permanent forms of migration witnessed in previous decades.

This is compounded in particular by an unprecedented level of forced migration, and driven by an unparalleled number of simultaneous, complex, protracted crises involving armed conflicts, political upheavals, natural disasters, and abject poverty.

These changes have created new challenges and greatly impacted the discourse of migration. Migrants have increasingly been portrayed as a problem rather than as an opportunity; they are often viewed as vulnerable people escaping poverty or persecution, instead of focusing on the benefits of migrants and migration as an inevitable and desirable phenomenon.

Migration Street Gallery will showcase a selection of some of the popular images which are reflecting the full range of the experience of migration, from professionals, amateurs and citizens, challenging us all to review our understanding of, and attitude to, migration: identifying the human stories that lie behind the often clichéd treatment of the subject in our mainstream media.

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