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Mikser Bazar

Mikser Bazar is an exciting market intended for artists from different fields of work. This year we will present the best artists from our traditional Markets, such as: Design, Food, Kids and Vintage Market.

This year’s Bazar follows the global trends in migration and returns to its source, silos @Žitomlin.

Mikser Bazar will again bring together designers , creative artisans , manufacturers of handicrafts , jewelry , clothing and footwear , decorative items , cosmetics, secondhand dealers and vintage pieces, collectors, antiques dealers , comic books , children’s toys and equipment , as well as the exhibitors of designed food , beverages and delicatessen, which will by their works and unrestrained creative spirit elevate the space industrial zone of the Lower Dorćol..

Mikser Bazar gives you a chance to find a unique design detail, buy vintage clothes or a piece of old furniture, taste delicious and unique sweets and nibbles, make your kids with an interesting toy or simply indulge in creative commotion of this extraordinary market.

Mikser Bazaar invites all interested exhibitors to exhibit their handicrafts and products from May 25 to 28 at the great creative market at lower Dorcol.

Mikser Bazar will be open in following hours:

  • Thursday from 17h to 22h
  • Friday from 17h to 22h
  • Saturday from 12h to 22h
  • Sunday from 12h to 20h

Tickets for visitors are not charged.

We are waiting for you in silos!

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17:00 - 24:00 H
17:00 - 24:00 H
12:00 - 24:00 H
12:00 - 24:00 H