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For the first time in history, a majority of the global population lives in cities. The trend toward urbanisation is continuing, and by mid-century city dwellers are expected to account for two-thirds of the world’s people. Migration accounts for a significant, yet often controversial, part of this urban development. The legacy of this framing of urban migration has had lasting impacts that have reinforced the socio-economic and spatial marginalisation of migrants (and subsequent generations) in a number of cities, from Paris to Delhi. The idea of the New Urban Agenda from Quito 2016 brought in a new narrative on urban migration that centres on promoting migrants’ inclusion in cities and upholding their rights. States, local authorities, intergovernmental and civil society organisations can use this opportunity to collectively develop urban policies that reflect this narrative. More than half of the world’s population now lives in urban areas, and continuing migration is central to urbanisation processes — both in terms of internal migration (movement within the same country) and of international migration (be it voluntary or forced, bearing in mind that the line between the two is increasingly blurred). These days, migrations are related to tourism, cultural tourism, daily commuting to working place or related to formal and informal education. Parallel to that there are refugees and migrants from Middle East that are trying to find safety and or better life in the Europe. Each of the movements has both, positive and negative aspects and are represented differently in everyday life. “Right to the City and Cities for All” will be the main topic of Mikser Festival 2017 Mikser Talks 2017. Participants will introduce their practices and how they include sensitive social groups into their activities and future developments of the city.


Saturday, 27 May, 12 – 3 pm

12.00  Introduction:  Snežana Ćuruvija, Program Director, Mikser Festival / Maja Lalić, Creative Director, Mikser festival

12.10  Paul Rajakovic – Transparadiso (Austria)

12.30  Guillaume Aubry, Cyril Gauthier i Yves Pasquet – Freaks Architecture (France)

12.50 Fleur Eymann – Startblock (The Netherlands)

13.10 Lunch Break

13.40 Lila Chitayat – LINC studio (Israel)

14.00 Andries Geerse – WeLoveTheCity (The Netherlands)

14.20 Škograd

14:40 Discussion

Moderator: Snežana Ćuruvija – Mikser


Sunday, 28 May  12 – 3pm

12.00  Summary – Snežana Ćuruvija, Mikser Festival

12.20  Marco Clausen – Prinzesinnengarten (Germany)

12.40  Uri Reicher – Sack and Reicher (Israel)

13.00  Julliette Péppin – M.O.T.S. (France)

13.20  Lunch Break

13.50 Ronit Eisenbach – University of Marilend, School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation (Israel/SAD)

14.10 Taconis Stolk – Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag (The Netherlands) 

14.30 Discussion

Moderator: Snežana Ćuruvija – Mikser


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