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Multimedia exhibition: Digital sensibilities

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The time in which we live requires constant education and creativity. Art and the man throughout history have always been the same. With the same wishes and desires, fears and hopes. Only the perception of the world was changing. We now live in a digital age.

Exhibition of students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Multimedia is a delicate sensibility of the first creation steps, digitized and converted into ambient installation. Sensibility of drawing is the primary structure of this collective work, which is developing towards screen and spatial drawing of very exciting dynamics. Sensitivity, screen and spatial installation are united in one concept of collective representation of Academy, which was finally taken a step toward its own time.

In order to shape our time we got to know it very well. The source is always a man and his need to say something. Language of the speech is digital. Assets of that are electronic. And all along, emotionally, in software and hardware, make up a large and exciting multimedia unit, which is the concept and aim of the new academy.

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