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Outdoor silos screening: iMmigration

iMmigracija – Boris Moškov and Marko Radojković

Back to the roots is an inspiring way to progress and silos are a direct association of the festival that returns a new excitement to Belgrade. iMigracija (iMmigration) is a video art of Kišobran that travels through various forms and techniques of animation that explores the unknown in the known and finds inspiration in memories and dreams. Spatial mapping becomes more and more everyday thing, so instead of aggressive short-term attracting of attention, iMmigration aims at symbiosis with the whole festival, making a nice loop of harmonious emotions that remind us that there’s no place like home.

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Silo 1: DIGITAL ARTS EXPO powered by Nordeus
21:00 - 03:00 H
21:00 - 03:00 H
21:00 - 03:00 H
21:00 - 03:00 H