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Blue Green Solutions – A Systems Approach to Sustainable, Resilient and Cost-Efficient Urban Development

Intensifying climate extremes (floods, droughts and heat waves), combined with increasing urbanisation, call for a Blue Green urban paradigm to enhance cities’ adaptive capacity for changing climatic and demographic conditions.

To help urban planners and developers realise this paradigm, the Blue Green Solutions Guide is created.

Nature Based Solutions (NBS) – green infrastructure installations such as multifunctional roof gardens, tree pits and swales (to mentions a few) – can yield multiple urban benefits. These include reduction of water and air pollution, mitigation of flood risk, noise and heat islands, as well as provision of areas for recreation and urban agriculture.

However, towns and cities are not getting the best out of NBS. Too often, trees are, for example  used in a mono-functional way, e.g. to solely provide shading or for their aesthetic value.

The Blue Green Solutions Guide presents the innovative, systematic framework created by Imperial College London researchers, with the support of Climate KIC and international experts and collaborators, to harness the power of NBS (nature-based solutions) to deliver attractive cities and developments that are resilient, sustainable and cost-efficient. The framework is applicable at a building, neighborhood and city-scale and is suitable both for new and retrofit developments.

Blue Green Solutions Guide will be presented by the initiator of a holistic Blue Green Dream approach, Professor Čedo Maksimović of Imperial College and one of his closest associates, renewable energy expert Ranko Božović of EnPlus company. Presentation will be moderated by Maja Lalić, urban designer of Mikser Association which is responsible for overall visual identity and design of BGS guide and the animation film which accompanies the Guide.

Watch our animated film: 



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