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ProCredit Bank

Energy efficiency and environmental protection are topics which increasingly are becoming more relevant in Serbia, and for very good reason.

In 2007, in keeping with these trends, i.e. recognising the potential these improvements provide for all, ProCredit Bank began promoting and offering support in the financing of energy efficient solutions. We have achieved excellent results in the previous period, approving and disbursing over EUR 250 million in loans to numerous enterprises, intended for investments in energy efficient solutions, renewable energy resources and other environment protection measures.

Our commitment to preserving a healthy environment and improving energy efficiency does not end in project financing and approving loans to clients who plan to make certain enhancements in these areas. Namely, in recent years, our Bank has significantly changed and improved its operations, with a view to reduce the negative impact on the environment where we live and work. To that end, our Bank has greatly modified and altered its operations.

We have invested in LED lighting systems in our branches, efficient air conditioning systems, we were the first bank to open a Green branch in Niš, and the first financial institution in Serbia to purchase several full electric vehicles to replace old, regular gas- and diesel-powered vehicles.

At the end of 2016, in recognition of our efforts toward environmental preservation ProCredit Bank harmonised its operations with the international standard ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) and this way, has become the only financial institution to certify its Environmental Management System.

Our desire is to lead by example and show that investments in energy efficiency and environmental protection are beneficial in a variety of ways, and that investments are economically justified, and not just the current trend.

We are happy to see that a growing number of enterprises and manufacturers in Serbia is thinking about investing in energy efficiency, renewable energy resources and ecologically justified solutions. There is plenty of room and potential for investments in these projects in our country and we are certain that, in future, Serbia will exercise all of its potential in this area.

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