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Simonida Grujičić – State of Consciousness

 The future that is coming to us is not at all naive, it is very complex and complex. We are already noticing big changes on a global level. The events are fast, complex, they suffocate us and create pressure and inner unrest. The spiritual and mental state is disturbed, and people cannot see the future in a turbulent state of consciousness. The inspiration for this topic comes from me. The concept is me and my state of consciousness in today’s world. We live in an age where nature, humanity, understanding, harmony and love are thrown into oblivion. People merge with artificial intelligence, become heartless, and unconscious. We live in an age when people are not human, when they avoid contact with each other and become isolated, and thus less humane. People have become more selfish and the ego prevails over humanity. We are exposed to daily pressures, as well as a too fast way of life that we ourselves cannot follow, which burdens our soul, consciousness and body. In these pictures, I wanted to present the state of consciousness through my characters today, as well as to express my feelings through my gestures. Body language has always been the best indicator of what kind of people we are and what our intentions are. Only by shaking hands can we judge a man. This is how the expression of our face reflects what we feel. Three colors dominate: orange, green and blue. Orange represents peace, that peace when we take a deep breath when anxiety occasionally suffocates us and we have the impression that we cannot breathe. Green represents thinking and perceiving things, while blue represents the care we carry in everyday life. Every gesture and facial expression should be a reflection of my mental, psychological and emotional states of consciousness that I currently feel because of our planet, as well as all social and societal events around us. currently as guests, and that we will be rejected if we allow our ego and selfishness to still prevail over us more than humanity and love.