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Srđan Simović – Monument forms

The figure of a man in a supine position, a dying man, quietly bathed in peace (lying stretched out on his back with palms facing up calmly) laid on a concrete blockHuman dimensionsBlock at a height of 1 mMaterial concreteSubtle geometric shapes build a realistic skinny human figure “Lying memorial” the physical world and the world of human conceptual consciousness built by forms on a conceptual basis (thoughts, ideas, events from the past and other constructions of the mind). It can be said that this monument is paradoxical, because it is a monument to itself, a conceptual idea transformed into a physical form, which is destined to disappear. This monument is reminiscent of the fragility, impermanence and transience of the world of forms, which indicates the only thing that is not born, that is constant and that does not manifest, does not die, that which has always been the same and that in which everything that took place ever took place, The womb in which everything is born and manifests. By simply realizing the impermanence of form, man develops to be less dependent on it, loses the need for conflict, fear loses power because he has nothing to suffer from, nothing to squeeze food from. Thus fear loses control over the human mind, human qualities such as jealousy, envy, greed, anger and others cease to manifest (unnecessarily, as is the case today) before the disappearance of Me as a concept. (We are not some cartoonists, but we enclose an approximate sketch seen from above, an artist, a sculptor, would better present the figure of a calm man on his deathbed)