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Workshop Misha and Masha


On this occasion, we have prepared the workshop where the kids along with volunteers of the Red Cross, through the game will be informed about the problems of human trafficking, all with the help of our mascots Misha and Masha. Peer educators will in interesting way through a variety of interactive playful activities and workshops, bring closer the problem of trafficking to the children. By playing interactive puzzles, fearing coloring books, playing educational parlor games, or by taking pictures in photo panels, children will be able to explore the typical risk situations and by conversation and with the guidance of certified Red Cross trainers, they will learn adequate precautions against trafficking.

We used the opportunity to invite you to support our campaign and during your visit at the Mikser Festival support our campaign “Do not watch, react!” and to take pictures with our hashtags, which are symbolizing our common fight against human trafficking.

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Mikser Kids & Teens
18:30 - 20:00 H
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