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Workshop: SMARTICIPATE – Andries Geerse, WeLoveTheCity, Amsterdam


SMARTICIPATE – Hamburg, Rome and London take the lead

European citizens have plenty of ideas for their neighbourhoods where they live, work and play. Unfortunately, they don’t always have access to the right data to take their ideas further. That’s why Hamburg, Rome and London want to share their data. They also want to go a step further by providing ‘immediate feedback’. Smarticipate is a digital urban platform that makes it possible to provide ideas and solutions, together with such automatic feedback. This relieves pressure on local government while reaching even more citizens and entrepreneurs – including those who have traditionally steered clear of local government.

WeLoveTheCity is taking part in the concept development and running the pilots in the three cities. We’re doing that in the form of ‘Smartathons’. In the first round (2016), we’re inventorying the ideas and needs of citizens, entrepreneurs and local government. In the second round (2017), participants can test the prototype of the urban platform. It may sound abstract, but we’re of course doing it all on the basis of urgent and socially-relevant cases.

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19:00 - 20:30 H