In response to the challenges of the pandemic, this year’s Black Box exhibition and the Mikser Festival event suggest with the festival slogan “The Hug” that nature has become an inevitable agent of positive social change, and artists respond to the “Principle of Hope” competition through individual outdoor art interventions.


Individual interventions are interconnected in a system of interventions and form a unique artistic whole through the process of collective work on the development of competitive ideas, with the mentoring of the project curator, professor Marko Ladjusic.

What kind of future do you want and what are you doing to do achieve it? How to overcome skepticism, defeatism, discouragement of the individual and society as a whole? Can your work inspire optimism and move others into action? In what way would you, by your intervention, turn the observer into an actor and arouse him to think about reality, not necessarily as it is, but as it could be? A word, a sound, a performance, a symbolic sign in space, creating a place of contemplation of the future or a meditative point in nature, a model of your utopia, marking real space with “totems” of hope?

The jury chose 22 art works: Ana Batrićević – Zaigrani – Serbia; Anika Lomić – Infinite Labyrinth – Serbia; Aurora Crnković – Source of Hope – Croatia; Boban Zivanovic / Marija Iva Gocic- Product: Love – Serbia; Dea Džanković – Network – Serbia; Dejan Krstić – Interview – Serbia; Dina Rosić / Iva Lokas – The Space Between – Serbia; Dora Andjelkovic / Tamara Vukovljak – Man as a being of hope – Serbia; Jovana Jarebica – Biodegradable – Serbia; Julia Skrzyńska – Light which returns – Poland; Milica Mijačević Carević / Boško Jelić – The automaton – Serbia; Milica Nikolic – Living Lands – Serbia; Nenad Pinter – In front of the camera – Serbia; Nikola Stojadinović – Room of Hopelessness – Serbia; Sofija Rakidzic / Nadja Milivojevic – Elementum – Serbia; Sonja Jocic – Multifunctional reality of fashion embrace – Serbia; Stella Dragović – no body is available – Germany; Stevan Lutovac – Vremevidac – Serbia; Vladimir Miljković – Departure of Hope – Serbia; Vuk Pekovic / Scepan Popovic – Obelisk is dead – Montenegro; Yao Wang – i actually want to fake my own death to avoid drama – China; Željko Jančić – Fear is an illusion – Croatia.

The Black Box competition has been inviting young artists since 2015, relying on their own sensibilities and creative direction, and means of communication, to address current burning issues. What do they see as the biggest challenges of society and how do they respond to them?


Details of all works can be viewed HERE.