Design Hub is Mikser Festival’s program dedicated to the education and exchange of young innovators in the field of product design. Apart from our signature talent platforms, Young Balkan Designers and Ghost projects, Mikser Festival 2024 will introduce our latest design initiative Next Gen Design born in collaboration with four other international design festivals, along with two guest exhibitions by the students of the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade – Cubo 20/23, and Plemka by BAPUSS.

Next Gen Design is a three-year program of surveys, design competitions and events to encourage the European design sector — particularly young designers — to create, adopt and disseminate green and sustainable design that contributes to the European Green Deal.

Through open calls, surveys, residencies, and educational activities, the project will nurture young designers and inspire meaningful change in the design sector. By fostering a culture of sustainability and circular economy models, the project advocates for a transformative shift in the industry, empowering both designers and consumers to embrace green practices.

The Next Gen Design project represents a pivotal step towards creating a future where sustainable design is the norm. By equipping young designers with the tools and knowledge to drive change, the project aims to encourage European countries to transition to a more circular economy and reduce negative climate impact. Through innovative education programs and digital initiatives, the project will not only shape the future of design but also contribute to broader climate action.

The project’s primary objective is to integrate an innovative educational platform into official design festival programs. This platform will serve as a catalyst for promoting and educating on green and sustainable design, aligning with the goals of the European Green Deal. Through a blend of physical and digital events, the project will elevate design festivals to new heights, maximizing engagement and awareness among participants.