Art competition for participation in the Mixer Festival 2020: BLACK BOX – MONUMENT

Mikser Festival and the Faculty of Applied Arts (FPU) in Belgrade invite young authors to participate in the BLACK BOX art competition and submit their conceptual solutions by October 1 as answers to the current topic this year: MONUMENT.

The origin of the word “monument” comes from the Greek Mnemosyne and the Latin moneo, monere, which means “remind”, “advise” or “warn”, suggesting that the monument helps us understand the past and thus allows us to see what is coming in the future – Wikipedia.

What future does your Monument announce? A time of ecological, social, cultural, and economic sustainability? An era of dizzying economic progress of individuals at the cost of collapsing the quality of life of the majority? A flourishing awareness of personal and collective responsibility, a culture of transparency? A corruption paradise, a kingdom of incompetence, an inextricable false matrix, and misinformation? A society of justice, empathy, tolerance, inclusion, and cooperation, respect for diversity, and diversity? Escalation of discrimination on political, national, gender, racial, or any other grounds? A civilization that relies on local resources, a community with enough food for all, villages, and cities with equal rights to a healthy environment, clean air, water, and soil? Continuation of uncontrolled usurpation of natural resources and public goods?

Is your monument of megalomaniacal dimensions or human volume, of anachronistic or modern expression, strikingly figurative or abstract, banally realistic or stylized, made of precious materials or ephemeral? Does it evoke awe, paralyze the observer, or arouse empathy and call for interaction? Does it embody human stupidity, desire for domination, distaste, kitsch, or do you elevate it with ideas of social healing and emancipation?

Competitive solutions should provide a non-verbal commentary on existing monumental practices, clearly express the value system of the author, and re-examine the relationship between the author and the monument, the monument and the observer, the conflict, or consent of the monument and the environment.

Application form:


The authors of the 10 best works, according to the jury, will participate in a two-day workshop (ANTI) MONUMENT within the experimental edition of the Mikser Festival 2020 in Zornić House near Belgrade, during which they will map the site and create a joint installation – manifesto about/in space at the festival site. Selected authors will have the opportunity to participate in a series of talks with eminent artists and experts, such as Radoš Antonijević and Marko Lađušić, who critically deal with the topic of monuments and issues of cultural identity.


The organizer will provide transportation to and from the festival location, refreshments, and materials for work. The joint work remains at the Zornica house site as an outdoor installation.


Marko Lađušić, prof., Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade / sculptor/author of the project

Darija Žmak Kunić, Doc. Art, Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka / sculptor

Dorian Kulundžija, Gallery 12+ / artist in the field of applied graphics and new media

Ervin Dubrović, director of the Museum of the City of Rijeka / art historian

Ksenija Pantelić, art director, Face of the street / graphic artist, illustrator, and graphic designer

Maja Lalić, creative director of the Mixer Festival/architect


Doc. Radoš Antonijević, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade / sculptor


The competition lasts until September 30

The results of the competition will be announced on October 3. on the website

In the period from the announcement of the results to the beginning of the Mixer Festival, the selected authors will attend a coordination meeting with the curator of the project and the organizers of the festival.


The competition is open to authors from all creative fields, regardless of status and formal education. Candidates can be individuals or a group of authors. Each candidate or group can submit multiple papers as separate applications.

Competitive works can be essays, video and audio recordings, sketches, 3D visualizations, collages, and other visual forms.

Applications are made by filling out an electronic form on the link with the submission of a description of the project (maximum 300 words) and visual/audio materials, drawings, sketches, etc. which support the concept.

Papers up to 5MB in size are submitted by direct upload through the form, while larger files (video, audio recordings) can be submitted via the link in the text part of the application.

By applying to the competition, the candidates confirm that they are the authors of all submitted works and / or sketches and that Mikser has the right to publish the submitted works and / or sketches on all communication channels.


The project is being implemented in partnership with the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Belgrade, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.