Dr Miodrag Stojković – Battle for clean air

Miodrag Stojković received his doctorate and habil degrees from the Ludwig-Maximilians University in 1996 and 2002, respectively. During this time, he was working with a research interest in early mammalian embryology, cell biology, nuclear transfer, and epigenetics. In 2002, he moved to the UK and joined the team at the Medical School of the University of Newcastle where he was appointed as Chair in Embryology and Stem Cell Biology and Deputy Director of the Centre for Stem Cell Biology & Developmental Genetics in 2005. In 2006, he joined the Research Centre Prince Felipe in Valencia, Spain where he was working as Deputy Director and Head of Cellular Reprogramming lab.

In 2007, he was appointed Professor of Human Genetics at the Medical Faculty, University of Kragujevac, Serbia. In 2008, in Leskovac, he founded Spebo Medical, a special hospital for fertility treatments. In addition, he is visiting professor at one Medical School, one Military Medical Academy, and author and co-author of numerous scientific publications (H-index 64).

He is an academic reviewer for more than 30 grant/regulation bodies and scientific journals. Until 2012 he served as Editor of journal STEM CELLS (Durham, North Carolina). He also served as a President of the Board of Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering (IMGGI, Belgrade, Serbia). Currently, he is a member of the Academia Europea and holds a Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical, appointment as a research fellow.