“MADE IN: Crafts-Design Narratives” is a research initiative in the field of design and cultural heritage, which supports cooperation and exchange of knowledge between traditional craftsmen and contemporary designers. The project aims to map existing craft practices at the regional level and educate designers about tangible and intangible heritage while establishing the conditions for a new, authentic, and more sustainable design practice.

MADE IN has emerged from a heightened awareness of the key role that crafts and makers play in creating and maintaining local identities. design and craft collaborations: workshops and residencies, publications, and exhibitions, as well as the development of an online platform that will facilitate knowledge transfer and provide professional development opportunities for craftsmen, designers, curators, and professionals.

MADE IN includes various activities such as traveling exhibitions, residencies, and workshops, professional workshops for craftsmen, curators and designers, seminars/conferences, and activities to develop innovative approaches to the public. Through these events, the project will advocate affordable and inclusive design and present the European craft heritage to the general public. The project focuses on establishing a platform for knowledge exchange, constructive dialogue, and creating conditions for innovative forms of cooperation between traditional craftsmen and contemporary designers, with the long-term goal of revitalizing crafts. education of designers on tangible and intangible cultural heritage, as well as the promotion of European craft heritage and innovative contemporary design in the general public. T

he project “Made In Crafts-Design Narratives” is partly supported by the European Union through the Creative Europe program and brings together recognized organizations from the region with valuable experience in this field: Museum of Arts and Crafts – MUO (Zagreb) which is the project leader, Werkraum Bregenzerwald (Austria), Museum of Architecture and Design – MAO (Ljubljana), Oaza kolektiv (Zagreb), as well as Nova Iskra and Mikser (Beograd).