The CIRCLE program is conceived as a professional segment of Mikser talks with a focus on circular economy and creating the potential for a healthier environment through interdisciplinary cooperation of experts, but also other participants in social life – decision-makers, representatives of private and non-governmental sector, media and citizens. All sessions are recorded and broadcast after the festival on Mikser’s YouTube channel. The topics we raise together with numerous partner organizations concern the challenges of consumer society, the imbalance between limited natural resources and unlimited human needs. Is eco-design a prerequisite for a circular economy? What is the role of packaging manufacturers in the sustainable waste management chain? Should we completely give up plastic or ensure its reuse in full? What is extended producer responsibility, and where does it begin – in the process of design or waste management? How did the COVID 19 pandemic bring the recycling industry to its knees, and how long will it take to recover? What is the role of media and culture in integrating sensitive groups into the goals of a better and cleaner environment? Can tourism be environmentally sustainable? What is the role of women in the craft sector in this context?