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Dea Džanković – Unforgettable

A series of analog photographs called “Unforgettable” was taken in September 2020 on a large war island in Belgrade. This is a monument that does not deal with the public narration of a certain act or individual but re-examines the identity of a place through the emotional experience of its history. If the premise that everything we do resonates through eternity is true, then that echo definitely leaves a certain mark on the ground in which the action took place. Considering that the great war island does not contain any monument that refers to its very name and purpose. Over time, the central figure in the photographs serves as a symbol and amalgam of its entire history. As a figure whose intention is to upset the observer, the monument indicates that when it comes to cognition of a place, we do not even have to know on an intellectual level what and when happened once, which further provokes the notion of the value of binding to exact historical data. the universally understandable aesthetics are sanctified by the past and the identity of the place on the level of emotions, the monument serves as a kind of time loop which through the negative imprint of the past warns of the future possibility of the same.