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The panel deals with our practice of monument building, the influence that daily politics have on it, the position of the profession in society, as well as what are the values that we want to affirm with the monument. What message are we sending about ourselves to generations to come? 

What future do our monuments announce? A time of ecological, social, cultural, and economic sustainability? An era of dizzying economic progress of individuals at the cost of collapsing the quality of life of the majority? A flourishing awareness of personal and collective responsibility, a culture of transparency? A corruption paradise, a kingdom of incompetence, an inextricable false matrix, and misinformation? A society of justice, empathy, tolerance, inclusion, and cooperation, respect for diversity, and diversity? Escalation of discrimination on political, national, gender, racial, or any other grounds? A civilization that relies on local resources, a community with enough food for all, villages, and cities with equal rights to a healthy environment, clean air, water, and soil? Continuation of uncontrolled usurpation of natural resources and public goods? 



Goran Marković, film director, prof. Faculty of Dramatic Arts  

Milena Šešić Dragićević, / prof. Faculty of Dramatic Arts / Head of the UNESCO Chair on Interculturalism, Art Management and Mediation  

Dr. Branislav Dimitrijević / art historian / member of the “Ne davimo Beograd” organization  

Prof. dr Irina Subotić, art historian 

Dejan Atanacković, visual artist and writer – video link


Marko Lađušić, sculptor, prof. Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade  

Radoš Antonijevićsculptor, prof. Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade 


Mia David, architect, prof. Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad