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The panel discussion “Women and Crafts” deals with raising awareness of the synergy of contemporary design and old local skills. As we discuss future scenarios for the sustainability of society and the planet at the Mixer Festival, this topic also combines social and environmental issues. We are talking about the revitalization of crafts and handicrafts in the contemporary context with “brave individuals”, designers who have merged their existence and passion into one. The heroines of the design scene reveal to us what challenges they face in today’s time of mass production and consumer mentality, share first-hand experiences, how to survive in the market, what sacrifices are needed, what could be fixed within the system to the environment instead of obstacles and restrictions, provided support to creative craft entrepreneurship


Interlocutors are:

Magdalena Klašnja, Magdalena K- footwear designer

Dušica Radosavljević, Duca – textile designer

Mirjana Starčević, Gllinka– ceramics designer

Ljubica Milutinović, Niti – carpet designer

Vesna Pejović, KakoKo, industrial designer, professor of industrial designer Faculty of Contemporary Design