The Mikser Festival 2021. under the slogan “Hug” completes one of the most difficult periods in recent global history. Social distance did not only mean physical distance, but largely determined emotional imbalance and slowed down the social, creative, and business capacities of individuals. As human beings were created to interact physically, emotionally, and socially with other beings, the lack of an embrace that provides comfort, warmth, and love was something we longed for most in the previous year.

  1. The Mixer Festival, held in Zornica house near Belgrade, is a festival of hope and optimism, with a strong desire to turn all missed hugs into new, positive energy.

Uninterrupted three-day dialogue between networked actors from almost all areas of social action defines the Mikser Festival 2021. as a call for a general mobilization of all progressive forces around the agenda for better air, cleaner water, healthier cities, circular economy, improved legislation, social solidarity, sustainable design, and strengthened culture.

Program units MF2021. are Mikser Talks, Black Box, Design Camp, Young Balkan Designers, Edu Zone, Exhibitions, Workshops, Mikser Music.

The entire “Zornić” estate becomes a festival venue, hosting numerous exhibitions, workshops, lectures, music events, performances, and networking under the open skies, in the eye-pleasing natural environment.

If you need a Hug, join us!

Zornića kuća

Located on three hectares of idyllic landscape in the village of Bacevac between Kosmaj and Lipovac Forest, the Zornic House household provides a valuable refuge outside the hectic city weather, where visitors can reconnect with nature and understand the importance of caring for the environment. The household contains a restaurant, a zoo, excursions, a camp, an art colony, and accommodation. From the center of Belgrade to the location takes a 35-minutes-drive along the Ibar highway. After Lipovac Forest, the signpost points to a left turn towards Zornić’s house, from where neatly placed signs lead to the property itself.


Živorada Jankovića 13, 11460 Baćevac,

Belgrade, Serbia

+ 381 11 45 44 354