Guerrilla Micro-Tactics in Preserving Modernist Architectural Heritage

Keynote presentation: 

(Don’t) believe the storyteller, the case of the Children’s Hospital in Krvavica 

Nataša Bodrožić, curator and culture worker, founder of Loose Associations for contemporary art practices  / initiator of the Trogir Motel Project [Croatia]

Nataša Bodrožić is a cultural worker and curator, co-founder of the independent cultural organization Loose Associations.. With one of the pioneering initiatives for the protection of modernist heritage, the Motel Trogir project, with numerous collaborators, she made an important contribution to raising awareness of the importance of preserving heritage from the period of socialist Yugoslavia, especially in redirecting public discourse towards constructive ideas for preserving the heritage of modernism and articulating a socially responsible position against privatization and devastation.


At the Mikser festival, Nataša will present her latest research and work on a book about another pearl of modernist utilitarian architecture – the case of the devastated Children’s Hospital in Krvavica near Makarska, and continue discussions with her Belgrade colleagues gathered around the Pred-Future  initiative for the preservation of part of the archive of architect Mihajlo Mitrović, which Nataša also supported.


The panel “Who Do Our Archives Belong To?” brings to light the lack of systematic protection for modernist heritage and the neglect of a culture of remembrance. This is being addressed through individual, micro-tactical, almost guerrilla-like, private and family efforts to archive artifacts related to the modernist activities of architects and other creators in the former Yugoslavia. The panel also questions the potential exclusivity of public goods and the inaccessibility of private collections to a wider range of users.

The panelists who have themselves initiated numerous actions to collect, prepare material on, and publicly present modernist architectural heritage, emphasize the importance of accessing “archives” as “active materials” available to researchers for new interpretations, especially for the younger generation who did not have direct experience. They will also try to generate joint recommendations for united action by enthusiasts and responsible institutions.


Nataša Bodrožić*, curator, co-founder, Loose Associations [Croatia]

Zoran Dmitrović*, architect, founder of Kolektiv Arhitekata [Serbia]

Ivana Momčilović*, dramaturge and researcher, initiator of the Phd In One Night platform [Belgium]

Đorđe Mojović, architect with expertise in housing policy and social housing, founder and manager of the Milan Zloković Foundation [Serbia]


Maja Lalić*, architect, founder of cultural organization Mikser [Serbia]


*Participants of the initiative””Predbuducnost”” / “”The Pre-Future”” for the preservation of the architect Mihajlo Mitrović’s archive



Front and header photo credit: Duška Boban

Dorćol Platz - main hall

25. maj

10.30 -11.45

Nataša Bodrožić
curator, co-founder, Loose Associations `{`Croatia`}`

Zoran Dmitrović
architect, founder of Kolektiv Arhitekata `{`Serbia`}`

Ivana Momčilović
dramaturge and researcher, initiator of platforms PhD in One Night, EI-Migrative Art, samizdat Edicija Jugoslavija. Actually: artistic coordination in third space/collective (historical winter garden) Les Orangeries de Bierbais `{`Belgium`}`

Milica Rašković
Desk Kreativna Evropa

Maja Lalić