Learning to Unlearn


Ivana Momčilović, the author behind the innovative “PhD in One Night” platform, delivers a thought-provoking lecture on the concept of a “guerrilla university” and the idea of unlearning. In her lecture, she explores the unconventional approach of a guerrilla university, which challenges traditional educational structures by promoting alternative, decentralized, and often subversive forms of learning as microtactics. This concept may involve breaking away from established norms to foster creativity, critical thinking, and unconventional knowledge acquisition. Additionally, the notion of unlearning, a process of letting go of preconceived notions and outdated beliefs, is her central theme. Ivana Momčilović’s background in performative arts and her innovative platform suggest a deep understanding of non-traditional learning methods and a commitment to reshaping educational paradigms.


“Learning how to unlearn, teaching as an ignorant, learning the emancipatory virtue of ignorance. This idea raises two interrelated problems: firstly, how are we to understand the type of negativity at work in this “unlearning” or this “ignorance”? Secondly, what is the exact target of this negative action? What is the positivity that is under attack? In other terms what is at stake in matters of learning? 
From Leo Tolstoy, Jacques Rancière to the Yugoslav surrealists and back, to an increasing number of people around the world who are searching their own methods of working and thinking, self-education or experimenting with new ways of sharing knowledge and learning from the present. How to learn from a very complex planetary moment, connected to the (forgotten) past, for a better future? How to develop our  own micro-tactics of reconfiguring the complex and ever-changing present, without it being “old school”? How to authorize yourself to step forward, to indiscipline, and not to expertise in one field ? And why is this turn important, for everyone and for all of us?
In her intervention, playwright and researcher Ivana Momčilović will use her own experience of alternative teaching of “unlearning and experimentation” from the platform for aesthetic experimentation of all, PhD In One Night, which she has been coordinated for about two decades, Guerrilla University and other forms of emancipatory and egalitarian, not mind-numbing and hierarchized education.

Ivana Momčilović, dramaturg and researcher, initiator of platform PhD in One Night [Belgium]

Dorćol Platz - main hall

24. May

13.30 -14.00

Ivana Momčilović
dramaturge and researcher, initiator of platforms PhD in One Night, EI-Migrative Art, samizdat Edicija Jugoslavija. Actually: artistic coordination in third space/collective (historical winter garden) Les Orangeries de Bierbais `{`Belgium`}`