In the current social, economic and environmental apocalypse, in which public space and thinking about the future seem to be on the back burner, what is the role of architects, urban planners and designers? That’s what the team of the pop-up project ‘Tok’ is asking, and the answer, they believe, lies in education and activation of the community to initiate greater changes. Learn how they, and many other collectives and individuals in Croatia and Europe do it (or try to), at the lecture!

‘Tok’ is a pop-up project for the city, the community, and the water stream that took place in March of this year along the Črnomerec stream in Zagreb. In a city that built up on a multitude of streams, the project (a series of events with workshops, gatherings and a round table) sought to draw attention to one of the rare streams that have remained in the image of the city, to educate neighbors about the spatial planning and environmental issues that accompany it, and to gather advocacy critical mass that will express their opinions on these issues at key moments of making spatial decisions in the city. The program is carried out by the association Tristotrojka, which was created as a student magazine about architecture, design and art, and today brings together architecture students and young architects eager to exchange ideas and work.

Panelists: Ana Komadina, Vili Rakita, Mihaela Sladović, Andrea Stanić

Dorćol Platz - outdoor stage

25. May


Ana Komadina, Vili Rakita, Mihaela Sladović, Andrea Stanić
Tristotrojka/ Tok po tok