Design innovations in collaboration with algae, plants and local communities

Henriëtte Waal will explore the fascinating intersection of micro-design and eco-social collaborations showcasing captivating examples from her diverse portfolio of projects and initiatives demonstrating how designers are working in tandem with nature, local communities, and interdisciplinary teams to create innovative, sustainable solutions. 

The “Footprint” project which she worked on in France and Egypt, illustrates Henriette’s experience of collaborating with local craftspeople to develop shoes using plant-based materials like rubber, wool, and hemp. This project highlights the power of micro-design, where attention to detail and the use of natural, renewable resources can lead to truly sustainable fashion.  “Color Geographies” explores nature’s palette and examines how pigments and hues derived from algae, plants, and other natural sources can be connected to specific territories and cultures. This exploration of micro-level elements, such as pigments and spores, and their relationship to larger ecosystems and geographic regions, will provide fascinating insights into the interconnectedness of design, nature, and place.

Reflecting on her involvement with the experimental program of Atelier Luma in Arles which brings together diverse stakeholders, including scientists, artists, and local communities, Henriette will aim to inspire the audience with the innovative and impactful Ecosocial Approach to Design which can tackle complex challenges through a holistic, collaborative lens.

Henriëtte Waal is a designer and researcher/co-founder and artistic research director at Atelier Luma [France] / tutor of Master in Social Design, Design Academy Eindhoven [Netherlands]. Henriette holds a Bachelor’s degree from Design Academy Eindhoven’s Man and Public Space Department and a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture from Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. She has been a finalist for the Dutch Design Awards for her design research in the Netherlands rural area and was awarded the International Award for Public Art for her placemaking approach. As Curator for Mediamatic’s Bio-Me program, she has developed a cross-disciplinary platform for knowledge exchange about brewing practices and design with micro-organisms, focusing on yeasts, fermentation, bacterial cultures, and brewing beer.  In addition to founding several socially engaged art and design projects, Henriëtte Waal has taught since 2013 in the Social Design Master Program at Design Academy Eindhoven and the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. 

Dorćol Platz - main hall

23. May

10.30 -11.30