From urban protest to rural emancipation

“Learning how to unlearn, teaching as an ignorant, learning the emancipatory virtue of ignorance. This idea raises two interrelated problems: firstly, how are we to understand the type of negativity at work in this “unlearning” or this “ignorance”? Secondly, what is the exact target of this negative action? What is the positivity that is under attack? In other terms what is at stake in matters of learning?” 

From Jacques Rancière to the Yugoslav surrealists and back, to an increasing number of people around the world who are searching for their own methods of working and thinking, self-education or experimenting with new ways of sharing knowledge and learning from the present. How to learn from a very complex planetary moment, connected to the (forgotten) past, for a better future? How to develop our own micro-tactics of reconfiguring the complex and ever-changing present, without it being “old school”? How to authorize yourself to step forward, to indiscipline, and not to expertise in one field? And why is this turn important, for everyone and for all of us?

In this panel, playwright and researcher Ivana Momčilović will use her own experience of alternative teaching of “unlearning and experimentation” in order to encourage the exchange of precious experiences among her guests and colleagues from different fields of “unlearning”: agronomist and professor Jelena Šaletić, choreographer and activist Erdem Gunduz and initiator of the culinary workshops Nina Babić that will show how permaculture, institutional education and art of movement become a means of micro tactical attempts by an individual to find his place and role in a complex world of flow and influence, from urban protest to rural emancipation. 

As part of the panel, students and professors of the High School of Agriculture from Zrenjanin will repeat the experiences gained in the Orangeries de Bierbais, a research center and artistic residence (Belgium) on Dorćol Platz – creating a permaculture space, this time in the urban core of the city. Join us and learn with us new ways of agriculture and developing green zones in urban areas. Let’s be perma-cultural!



Erdem Gunduz (Standing Man), choreographer and performance artist [Turkey / Poland]

Jelena Šaletić, professor at the Agricultural High School in Zrenjanin [Serbia]

Nina Babić, founder of Mirkov House culinary concept [Serbia]


Moderator: Ivana Momčilović, dramaturge and researcher, initiator of platforms PhD in One Night,  Migrative Art, samizdat Edicija Jugoslavija. Actually: artistic coordination in third space/collective (historical winter garden) Les Orangeries de Bierbais [Belgium]



Ivana Momčilović is a dramaturg  and researcher from Brussels. Her work is focused on moving philosophy and art into different spheres of everyday life – education, migrant movements, gardening, as well as redefining the concepts of “non-existent” / impossible” and their practice in the field of contemporary aesthetics and politics. She explores the relationship between fiction and ideology and the relationship between aesthetics, politics and education and forms of collective intelligence. She is the initiator and active member of several collectives: Collective EI-Migrative Art; Edicija Jugoslavija (samizdat), PhD In One Night – a platform for aesthetic experimentation of all. Recent works: “Unpredictable past of the future, on political potential of utopia” (2024), editor of the book; Collective Garden of Guerrilla Knowledge (Bierbais Orangeries / collective work in progress 2023); Day of Aesthetic Cartography of Situations (with Jacques Rancière) 2022, Bierbais Orangery, Belgium; May 1, 2022 Radical Peace Laboratory (Bierbais Greenhouse), Guerrilla University (Rojava / Kurdistan / Belgium, 2020/2022; Guerrilla University, Austria (Wolkersdorf / Künstlerhaus, Vienna), October 2021; Experimentation of Anyone, program of the Yugoslav experimental amateur film at the Center for Contemporary Art, Geneva, September 2020 – April 2021; Method train – Feel Festival Helsinki / Uniarts Helsinki – work on the student project Dada, Law, Ranciere in collaboration with Aalto University and University of Helsinki, May 2020. She is one of the collective authors of the experimental film “Poems From Which We Learned ” – fragments of self-education about sensibile and politics (2007-2019). Since 2005, she has been working within the international platform Phd In One Night, under the umbrella of aesthetic education in different contexts (self-organized groups, primary and secondary schools, art academies and universities) creating different methods of sharing knowledge as collective artistic creations: literacy (learning a second language) of refugees (Belgium, Serbia) through artistic practice (contemporary dance, collages, sound interventions, short films). Last courses for students of various Art Academies and Universities in Europe (selection): Course on the inexplicable; Indisciplinary symphony; Useless knowledge and the method of equality; Guerrilla University etc.


Erdem Gündüz (Ankara, 1979) finished his master’s degree in performing arts at Istanbul Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2014. He graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Music and Performing Arts in 2007. He trained in acting at Ege University Theatre Assembly and he established Ege University Dance Theatre Assembly. In 2007 he trained at The John Kennedy Center during the Exchange Programme for Performing Artists in Washington and New York on contemporary dance. Erdem performed at İ.B.B.C.R.R Dance Theatre and Istanbul Dance Theatre and he joined several festivals and workshops all around the world with his own performances. Since 2005 till 2016 he gave dance classes and prepared workshops at Catı Dance association. Also he gave movement classes at Istanbul Yeni Yuzyıl University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Performing Arts. For his courageous commitment to freedom of expression and human rights, he was awarded the 2013 M100 Media Award, the 49th Theodor Heuss Medal prize in 2014. He was awarded the 2014 Havel International Prize for Creative Dissent by Human Rights Foundation.

Now, he lives in Poland.


Nina Babić comes from a marketing background. In 1999, she left for New York where she tried her skills in classical advertising. She then moved to new media, working for clients like MTV, VH1, and Women Management. After September 11, she started working in a non-profit sector. Upon her return to Belgrade, she joined trans:east studio as a brand strategist and creative director. She worked on global integrated communications strategies for clients like Davidoff and Moscow-based Inteko Real Estate. She was the executive director of Belgrade Design Week for three years.  She also worked on rebranding and reconceptualization of MS (Marketing Srbija) magazine, helming it as an editor before becoming the creative director of the first Serbian concept store, Supermarket. Supermarket gained global attention and was published in over 90 magazines around the world. She is one of the founders of Mikser festival, one of the leading creative industry events in the region. She contributed to magazines and newspapers like Prestup, Genius Domus, Politika, Vino & Fino. In Elle magazine she wrote the Mademoiselle and Chez Nina columns for two years. She finally pursued her passion for pastry in 2015 and founded her French-style patisserie, Gdja Mirkov, which quickly became a destination for true pastry lovers. Gdja Mirkov Patisserie closed its doors in 2022. Nina moved to Krčedin, a village halfway to Novi Sad, in 2020, where she is working on establishing the first farm-to-table conceptual restaurant/pastry shop sometime soon. She is passionate about permaculture and each year she keeps expanding her garden, including a small collection of English and Damascene roses. 


Jelena Šaletić, born in 1967 in Zrenjanin, graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, majoring in agriculture and horticulture. With 26 years of experience, he teaches professional subjects at the Secondary Agricultural School in Zrenjanin. Since 2014, she has started organic production within the school economy, where vegetables, flowers, medicinal and herbs are grown. Inspired by the innovative experience of the conversion of the Bijerba Orangery in Belgium, according to the principles of permaculture, Šaletic started a similar production in her school in 2023. Her commitment to sustainable education and the application of advanced agricultural methods, such as permaculture, makes her an important figure in the promotion of environmental awareness and practices among young people in Serbia.

Dorćol Platz - glavna sala

23. maj

15.00 -16.15

Erdem Gunduz
choreographer and activist

Jelena Šaletić
professor at the Agricultural High School in Zrenjanin `{`Serbia`}`

Nina Babić
founder of Mirkov House culinary concept `{`Serbia`}`

Ivana Momčilović
dramaturge and researcher, initiator of platforms PhD in One Night, EI-Migrative Art, samizdat Edicija Jugoslavija. Actually: artistic coordination in third space/collective (historical winter garden) Les Orangeries de Bierbais `{`Belgium`}`